Information Please, Volume 1

Unabridged Audiobook

Written By: Various

Narrated By: An Ensemble Cast

Publisher: Dreamscape Media, LLC

Date: March 2016

Duration: 9 hours 33 minutes


Quiz shows had been a radio staple since the early 1930s but, in the spring of 1938, producer Dan Golenpaul had a fresh idea: why not allow the much-quizzed listeners to ask questions of the experts? This simple concept became the basis for "Information Please," a long-running and winning series that brought wit, style, and good natured bantering into the homes of America for over a decade. Featuring host Clifton Fadiman, announcer Milton Cross, and a regular group of panelists that included Franklin P. Adams, John Kieran, and Oscar Levant, "Information Please" remains one of the most erudite, witty, and consistently entertaining quiz programs ever to hit the airwaves. First Show of the Series What Was Everybody Doing in the Song "Everybody's Doing It?" Name the Performer Who Made the Song Popular Recite or Sing Well-Known Nursery Rhymes What Performer Made 'I Don't Care' Famous? Complete These Three Limericks Complete Two of the Following Three Limericks Answer the Following Q uestions Based on Famous Ballads Complete the Following Famous "Little Willie" Jingles I'm Going to Give You the First Line of a Long Nursery Rhyme Name a Novel or Play that Deals With Recite the First Line of the Appropriate Nursery Rhyme What is the Usual Cliché Said During a Long Spell of Hot Weather? Finish Four of the Five Following "Joe Miller" Gags Name Five Typical Clichés Used in the Home Give Five Common Expressions Which Use the Names of Nations or Peoples Give the Present-Day Slang that Parallels These Expressions of the Past Give Five Typical Remarks Made by Guests or Hosts Give Four Common Expressions Involving a Great Feat of Strength Five Songs Referring to a Beverage


Information Please, Volume 1

by Various

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