Written By: Sue Grafton

Narrated By: Mary Peiffer

Date: October 2005

Duration: 7 hours 40 minutes


When Laurence Fife was murdered, few mourned his passing. Plenty of people had reason to want him dead. But the police thought his wife Nikki--with motive, access and opportunity--was the #1 suspect. The jury thought so too.

Eight years later and out on parole, Nikki hires Kinsey Millhone, a gutsy P.I., to find the read killer. The trail is cold but Kinsey finds a lead. It brings her face-to-face with the murderer.

This is the first in the popular series featuring California investigator Kinsey Millhone. She's 32, twice divorced, no kids, an ex-cop who likes her work... and who works strictly alone.


  • Carol in TN

    This is the first one - I love all of them. Waiting "patiently" for U is for Undertow

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  • N Brockelman

    I love this story Sue Grafton is the best.

  • Marion Threadcraft

    Disappointed. Crude and explicit language throughout. Mystery was intriguing but the language a hindrance.

  • Anonymous

    This was my first Sue Grafton book and even though it was a little predicatable and far fetched, it provided the mind numbing entertainment I was looking for. Didn't want to listen to something that made me "think" and this book fit exactly what I was looking for. Good enough for me to put the next one on my list.

  • Anonymous

    This abridged version is ridiculously short! If there are unabridged versions available (which there are for this book-just not in CD), they should be provided for us to rent. This was a waste.

  • Anonymous

    I need an alibi for when I was listening to this - as it was utterly forgettable. Not bad, just spectacularly unremarkable.

  • Anonymous

    I'm not sure if it was because this was the abridged version or if this was simply a poor effort to put something on the stand. About as much depth as a superbowl commercial.

  • Gabrielle Ludwig-Martin

    Unfortunately, they don't have these in the unabridged versions on audio! GET WITH IT! Those of us who absolutely can't live without Kinsey Millhone, are out here BEGGING for MORE! What a great listen, and the narrator is the best. A friend loaned me one...I don't even remember which one now, but I became a Kinsey fan right then and there. I have begun with the first one, and intend to work my way down through them all, including the one I've already heard, but will gladly hear again. Sue Grafton is GREAT. A tough, indomitable character..that's our Kinsey! Great listen!

  • Anonymous

    Good job by Sue Grafton once again. Judy Kaye makes the story come alive.

  • Trisha Brummer

    This was certainly good enough for me to sign up for the "B" book. I will work my way through the alphabet.

  • Anonymous

    This was a good book. An easy read. I didn't have it figured out until the very end.

  • Jennifer Black

    I thought the book was good. Easy to listen to. I have never read Sue before but I will be reading them all now.

  • Anonymous

    I thought the story was good but I could not belive that this woman could out wit so many times a bunch of professional killers who killed every body in sight but her and not get done in. I thought this was a fantasy on a mystery.

  • Skyesmom

    Good start to the series. Will definitely work my way through the alphabet!

  • Mary Anne Evo

    It was very fast & interesting. I like the longer stories for they cover more miles when driving.

  • Jarrod Rodamer

    Boring.... could not get in to the stroy... characters are very ordinary

  • Anonymous

    This book starts strong, however does not keep up.Too much detail on what is on a sandwich and names of the streets.After disk one you already know where the story is going.Clean the bathroom instead of listining to this audio.

  • Kathy Volpe

    This book was very well written and I love the main character. She is a positive female character that is automatically likeable.

  • Anonymous

    good listening material for long traffic rides during comutes.

  • Anonymous

    I loved Kinsey. I had read one of her books a few years ago but this one is great. Makes you want to listen to all her books on CD. Love the reader also which is very important for me.

  • Anonymous

    This book shows why the alpabet mysteries of Sue Grafton are so popular.

  • Anonymous

    As always, Sue Grafton tells a great story. Interesting and fun, it entertained me and had me waiting for the next twist.

  • Jan

    The author, Sue Grafton, has written a real who done it mystery with Kinsey Millhone, a tough female private investigator, as the main character. Pay attention to names and places as you listen, because there are several interwoven plots. I'm looking forward to "B" is for Burglar!

  • Anonymous

    It was great...

  • Anonymous

    A good mystery, kept me tuned in during my morning commute. Will listen to the rest!

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Is for Alibi, Sue Grafton
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Is for Alibi, Sue Grafton
This title is due for release on October 18, 2005
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Is for Alibi, Sue Grafton
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