J Krishnamurti Meditation and the Quiet Mind

Unabridged Audiobook

Written By: J. Krishnamurti

Narrated By: J. Krishnamurti

Publisher: M-Y Books

Date: December 2008

Duration: 1 hours 4 minutes


To find out if there is something really true, sacred, we must look for something not put together by desire, hope, fear or longing, not dependent on environment, culture or education, but something that thought has never touched, something that is totally, incomprehensibly new. So we are trying to find out whether there is a vastness, an ecstasy, a life that is unquenchable.

Religion, in the sense in which we are using that word, in which there is no kind of fear or belief, is the quality that makes for a life in which there is no fragmentation whatsoever.