Written By: Paul Cleave

Narrated By: Paul Ansdell

Date: October 2015

Duration: 10 hours 5 minutes


Imagine waking up covered in blood - but it's not your blood. The morning paper reports that two young women were brutally murdered. You recognize their names. Pieces of the night before come back to you through the haze. And now you're the suspect in their grisly deaths. Welcome to Charlie's world. On the run, Charlie suspects a man named Cyris, but no one believes that Cyris exists. Not the police and not Charlie's ex-wife Jo, though she wants to trust that the man she once loved is innocent. Soon, Charlie has Jo bound and gagged in the trunk of his car, fleeing across the countryside while the killing hour approaches yet again.


  • Francis Allcorn

    I thought this was a very good listen. Again, I felt that the main character was a bit wimpy sometimes but I guess that is all a part of the writer's skills to project that. All in all, a very good listen with very good narration. Highly recommend this one

  • lori handy

    this is my first and last book if will ever read with what i have been of after the the first 2 (and only) killings for 10 hours of listening. It sounded really great and i always try something for my own onion and i this was so boring. Ten hours hoping it will be good, What a bore. I will say i don't feel so bad because i got this novel 1/2 price and that's the only thing good about it. Wow if this is all it takes to write ans SELL a novel i should give it a shot like this one,

  • Katie Crane

    The Killing Hour by Paul Cleave is a crime thriller about a man named Charlie Who wakes up on a Monday morning knowing he was involved somehow with the killing of two women the previous night. He believes a man name Cyris was the murderer. There's a lot of evidence that points to Charlie being guilty of the crime. The book switches from first person perspective to third person. Which is something Paul Cleave has done in his previous novels and it works well. I have also read The Cleaner and Trust No One and I enjoyed those more than this book. At about the halfway point, I started to get very bored with the plot. It came off too convoluted and implausible. The main character Charlie is very unlikable. I find it difficult to care about what happens to him. He makes a lot of stupid decisions throughout the entire novel. He doesn't seem to learn from any of his mistakes. He's a high school English teacher and that seems very unrealistic to me. I'd recommend Paul Cleaves other novels instead of this one. The Killing Hour just falls flat.

  • Craig Thomas

    This is my first audiobook and I love it! The narrator is very good. Can't wait to get another one.

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by Paul Cleave

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Killing Hour, Paul Cleave
Killing Hour, Paul Cleave
This title is due for release on October 6, 2015.

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Killing Hour, Paul Cleave
This title is due for release on October 6, 2015
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Killing Hour, Paul Cleave
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Killing Hour, Paul Cleave

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