King Flashypants and the Creature From Crong

Unabridged Audiobook

Written By: Andy Riley

Narrated By: Mathew Baynton

Publisher: Hachette Children Group UK

Date: February 2017

Duration: 1 hours 28 minutes


When rumours of a huge and terrifying monster called the Gizimoth reach Edwinland, King Edwin Flashypants decides that, to be a proper king, he needs to go and fight it. Meanwhile, Emperor Nurbison has had a similar idea, but he has a much sneakier plan for what he can do with the Gizimoth. And it involves squishing Edwinland.

Hold tight for another thrilling Flashypants adventure, with jousting, vegetables, fire-breathing toads and plenty of FOO-HOO-HOOing.

(P) Hodder Children's Group 2017