Last Words

Abridged Audiobook

Publisher: Simon & Schuster

Date: November 2009

Duration: 6 hours 26 minutes


As one of America's most pre-eminent comedians, with 50 years worth of material and appearances on the international comedy circuit, George Carlin saw it all and made fun of most of it. Blending his signature acerbic humor with never before told stories from his own life, Last Words is part comedy routine, part reflection, and all original. Written with bestselling author Tony Hendra, Last Words is the story of the man behind some of the most seminal comedy and commentary of the last century.

Carlin's journey to stardom began in the rough and tumble neighborhoods of New York in the 1940s and '50s, where class and culture wars planted the seeds for some of his earliest material. Carlin describes his major influences as an up and coming comic, talking about the origins of some of his most famous stand up routines including the notorious Seven Words You Can Never Say On Television. Sparing no detail, Carlin describes his life and career, discussing his own battle with substance abuse, his turbulent relationships with his family, and the unique worldview that informed so much of his stand up. From the high points on stage to the low points few knew about, read by his brother Patrick Carlin, Last Words is George Carlin's life told with the same unblinking honesty that defined his comedy and made him one of the best loved comedians in American history.


  • Anonymous

    It was a bit hard to understand his brother, his NY accent and smoker's voice was very difficult. Hearing some of the very long and drawn out stories of his drug and alcohol binges could have been whittled down also.

  • Drew

    As a longtime fan of George Carlin, I definitely looked forward to the release of this book. As read by his brother Patrick Carlin, you sometimes forget who you're listening to. With typical Carlin insights, the book is an interesting romp through the life and times of a man who went from TV star to road comedian to gold albums to movies and HBO specials. Along the way we are introduced to his childhood, his mother, his father, his brother, his first wife and a crazy journey through drugs, wild success, regrets, and ultimate triumph as one of the greatest and most innovative comedians of our time. If you are a Carlin fan (especially of his later material), it is worth a listen.