Law of Attraction: Universal Laws and Positive Beliefs That Lead to Your Dreams

Law of Attraction: Universal Laws and Positive Beliefs That Lead to Your Dreams

Written by:
Jenny Hashkins
Narrated by:
Sherra Swapp
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Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
August 2020
4 hours 17 minutes
This is a 4-book bundle with the following books:

Book 1: The energy from the universe emanates through space and helps us send out vibrations, only to receive back what is in our inner desires. I know that sounds like a complicated sentence, but that basically sums up the law of attraction. To understand this more fully, we have to understand those concepts separately: Vibrations, energy, mindfulness to receive the things we want. All those things are related to each other.

Book 2: When it comes to the law of attraction, it’s important to recognize that our minds and bodies are connected. Our thoughts determine our actions, which determine our results in life. Different things to manifest need different attitudes and actions.

Book 3: Chakras play an important part in manifesting your dreams. If your chakras are blocked or somehow stagnated, it may be hard to follow your heart and achieve the results you want. In this guide, therefore, we teach you how to unblock chakras that might have become problematic to you. Manifesting should be done from the heart, and we’re going to help you discover how that works.

Book 4: How can you become better at manifesting wealth and health into your life?

Sure, you can save up, work hard, and eat better sustenance. But there is also a mental aspect some people underestimate, and that’s the limitations we have in our imagination. In order to change those, we can use techniques such as journaling, affirmations, and psychological tricks to turn our lives into a bigger success.

We will discuss, for example, the 12 things that people don’t do who are mentally strong. We will also touch on how to get back up after failure, or how to become more resilient to problems and challenges in life.
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