The Leadership Pill

Unabridged Audiobook

Written By: Marc Muchnick, Ken Blanchard

Narrated By: Walter Bobbie

Publisher: Simon & Schuster

Date: September 2003

Duration: 1 hours 15 minutes


Blanchard is a veritable self-help book writing machine. His latest-a typically slim volume offering a typically simple parable-concerns a competition between two leaders with wildly different management styles. One leader takes "the leadership pill," which gives him "all the attributes of effective leadership." The other leader does not take the medication. Although the book is presumably not an advertisement for natural healing, it seems that way at times: it turns out the leader who doesn't take the pill winds up winning the competition. The message? Leadership takes time-it can't be learned overnight (or ingested via pill form). Leaders must show integrity, build "a culture of partnership" and affirm their employees' sense of self-worth by letting them know what they do is important. It's a solid, though obvious, message that should resonate with fans of Blanchard's brand of advice.


  • Percy Mansfield

    This was the typical Ken Blanchard experience. I rented this book against my better judgement, having read some of his other gems. His books are full of common sense that if you didn't know in advance, you shouldn't have been in the market to start with. Thank goodness I didn't have to read this....