Unabridged Audiobook

Written By: Nils Klippstein

Narrated By: Allen Logue

Publisher: Booka

Date: November 2017

Duration: 5 hours 9 minutes


Booka Audiobooks and Start2dream present the 10 most successful guided meditations by teacher Nils Klippstein. Relax, close your eyes and let yourself be guided by these deep and sensory fantasy trips, that will help you to get to know you better and provide you with a pleasant relaxation. More than 5 hours of guided meditations will transport you to a world of positive mental images, enriched with suggestions to make profound changes in your subconscious. With a duration of less than 35 minutes, ideal for daily meditation, each fantasy trip will reduce your stress giving you more serenity and inner harmony to face everyday life.

Dream Island of relaxation
Palace of Abundance
Love Yourself
Sleeping Better
Enjoying Life
Flowering Weadow
Fantasy Journey through the body
Overcoming Exam Anxiety
Mount Freedom
Oasis of Power