Letting Go of Useless Worry: The Hypnotic Guided Imagery Series

Unabridged Audiobook

Publisher: Gildan Media

Date: May 2016

Duration: 0 hours 43 minutes


This audio helps you experience a gentle, progressive muscle relaxation into the relaxed hypnotic state of mind. This enables the positive suggestions to be downloaded successfully into your subconscious mind that is in charge of letting go of useless worry. Gale's soothing voice will introduce other important self-esteem and self-acceptance suggestions that program for you the strength of mind and motivation to be more in charge of your thoughts, feelings and actions. Your new programming directs your mind/body to download peace of mind, harmony and balance. This helps you to feel calmer and more in control. There are many self-empowerment suggestions to continue this theme. Your inner knowing is multiplied to be much greater. You will sense that you are complete and whole again. You are reminded that you are your own best friend. You are able to see tremendous possibilities in a positive perspective. Your guided communication with your subconscious is reinforced as confident and direct. Furthermore, the negative emotions within you are released, neutralized, cleansed and healed. Additionally, your entire mind/body receives positive energies that circulate throughout every cellular part of you. Forgiveness on the subconscious level is also completed as part of releasing negative emotions. New suggestions download nurturing feelings of being loved and accepted completely. And there is so much more! This audio concludes with imagining a circle of including you and others who participate in a healing circle for you, for your family, friends, and all the people in the world who are in need of healing on any level. This emphasizes your self-empowerment and benefits you with a release of endorphins when you are helping others. At the very end you are given the appropriate options to choose, either to sleep or come back to your conscious state, cleansed, self-empowered, relaxed, yet energized, and feeling great! All the above happens while you are relaxed in hypnosis and feeling calm and peaceful. Listen to the intro for instructions and guidance for understanding the Reprogramming Hypnosis approach.


Letting Go of Useless Worry: The Hypnotic Guided Imagery Series

by A.C.H. Glassner Twersky

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Letting Go of Useless Worry: The Hypnotic Guided Imagery Series, A.C.H. Glassner Twersky