The Liar's Lullaby

Unabridged Audiobook

Written By: Meg Gardiner

Narrated By: Susan Ericksen

Publisher: Brilliance Audio

Date: June 2010

Duration: 12 hours 15 minutes


Tasia McFarland is a washed-up country-pop singer desperate for the break that will get her topping the charts again. The tabloids have raked over every part of Tasia's rocky life, following every high and low - her addictions, her breakdowns, her increasingly erratic behavior - and every broken relationship. The highlight of this lowlight reel: Tasia McFarland is the ex-wife of the president of the United States. So when Tasia writes a song with politically charged lyrics, people take note and her star begins to rise anew. In the opener of her comeback tour, she is lowered into a stadium on a zip line, and as helicopters fly overhead, she fires her prop Colt .45 at the fireworks-filled stage. Tasia is riding high. Until she's killed by a bullet to the neck before the shocked crowd of forty thousand. When video can't prove that the shot came from Tasia's own Colt .45, and the ballistics report comes up empty, the authorities call on forensic psychiatrist Jo Beckett to do a psychological autopsy and clean up the potential political disaster. But as Jo sifts through the facts, she only finds more questions: Was Tasia's gun loaded? Did she kill herself in one last cry for attention? Were her politically charged lyrics the rantings of a paranoid woman losing her grip, or warnings from a woman afraid and in danger? For Jo, pouring over Tasia's past becomes a race to extinguish the conspiracy rumor mill before it incites a level of violence that reaches America's highest corridors of power - and tears apart the very fabric of our nation.


  • Anonymous

    Can I give this zero stars? This is the worst book I've read/listened to in years. I have not heard more cliches in a long time. A big problem also was that the narration was extremely over-acted. I feel bad for the author. It's embarrassing. Spoiler alert: There's a dead rock star, a homicidal stalker, an emotionally distant cop, and numerous gone toting weirdos convinced of a governmental conspiracy headed by the president of the United States (who happens to be the ex-husband of the dead rock star of course). The only reason why I listened to the whole thing is because it took place in San Francisco so it was fun hearing about places I know, and none of my other books had shown up yet.

  • vegggirl

    Personally, I would read anything narrated by with Susan Erickson or Carolyn McCormack. This book is great but just a little too long with a few too many twists. I loved the idea but it really didn't need quite so much going on. But, that said, I liked it.

Liar's Lullaby

by Meg Gardiner

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Liar's Lullaby, Meg Gardiner