The Lies About Money

Abridged Audiobook

Written By: Ric Edelman

Narrated By: Ric Edelman

Publisher: Simon & Schuster

Date: October 2007

Duration: 4 hours 51 minutes


Imagine being able to invest your money the same way the nation's biggest institutional investors, pension funds and endowments invest their money. Ric Edelman shows you how to reduce risk, lower your fees and improve your returns, just like the professional investors who manage billions of dollars -- using time-tested, proven methods based on the latest academic research. You'll discover that ordinary retail mutual funds don't follow these fundamental principles, using instead deceptive business practices that interfere with your investment goals.

With insight and strategies that will change people's lives, The Lies About Money offers the truth that everyone is looking for. So come learn how to correctly handle the money in your retirement plan at work (you're doing it wrong), the best way to save for college (grandparents must read this!), and how retirees can generate high current income (that's both stable and secure). Best of all, Ric actually gives you the investment portfolio you need. Use his Guide to Portfolio Selection to find out which of his 43 portfolio models is best for you! With his entertaining and breezy style, Ric gives you the most valuable advice on investing you'll ever have.