Magical Thinking: True Stories

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Written By: Augusten Burroughs

Narrated By: Augusten Burroughs

Publisher: Macmillan Audio

Date: October 2004

Duration: 3 hours 48 minutes


From the number-one bestselling author of Running with Scissors and Dry comes Augusten Burroughs's most eagerly anticipated collection yet: true stories that give voice to the thoughts that we all have but dare not mention.
It begins with a Tang Instant-Breakfast Drink television commercial:
'Yes, you, Augusten. You were great. We want you.' I can now trace my manic adult tendencies to this moment. It was the first time I felt deeply thrilled about something just a fraction of an instant after being completely crushed. I believe those three words 'We want you' were enough to cause my brain to rewire itself, and from then on, I would require more than other people....- from Magical Thinking's 'Commercial Break'
A contest of wills with a deranged cleaning lady. The execution of a rodent carried out with military precision and utter horror. Telemarketing revenge. A different kind of 'roof work.' Dating an undertaker who shows up in a minivan. This is the fabric of Augusten Burroughs's life: a collection of true stories that are universal in their appeal yet unabashedly intimate, stories that shine a flashlight into both dark and hilarious places. With Magical Thinking, Augusten Burroughs goes where other memoirists fear to tread.


  • Anonymous

    Self absorbed babbling. I really tried to give this a chance, but just could not find any enjoyment or anything to gain in listening to this book.

  • Cole

    This was my first exposure to Augusten Burroughs despite the fact that his writing has become very popular. I have to say that I really loved these essays. He has an easy style combined with a raw and true sense of self. Mr. Burroughs is a wonderful reader, so his work really comes to life. On the last disc there is an "interview" with the author that is really worth listening to. Recommended to those who enjoy the work of David Rakoff, Jonathan Ames, and Sarah Vowell.

  • ML

    Mr. Burroughs is trying so very hard to be David Sedaris, but comes up rather short. I was hopeful at first as I'm almost out of Sedaris titles to read, but then this soon fell into painful recounting of sexual escapades and details of personal habits that just drag on and on. If they were funny, hey, great. But they are merely ramblings of someone trying way too hard to be funny. He is to comedic social writing what Gilbert Godfried is to standup.

  • Lynn

    This book was hysterical. There were points where I laughed so hard I had to pull over, I couldn't see clearly. I called people up just to share some of the lines in it. Some of the humor may have been from Augusten's delivery, although, sometimes that was a bit flat. He has had a terrifyingly abnormal life and does seem to not be the worse for wear. As they say, "at least he can see the humor in it". He could probably benefit from a good editor though. It just feels as if it could use a good polishing. Somethings go on a bit and other situations could use more explanation. All and all though I enjoyed it tremendously.

  • Dena Jensen

    I thought this was a good commute read. The stories are humorous overall. The stories are not too long and held my interest with there unique perspective.

  • Anonymous

    If you like Augusten Burroughs books you will love this quirky book. This is mostly unrelated little stories and is so funny I was laughing out loud. My husband even liked it and he had only heard me rave about Running with Scissors. Don't skip the followup interview. Great for a long trip. You can pause at the end of a story and come back to it with no problem. If you haven't listened to Running with Scissors and Dry I would suggest those first.

  • Emma Tsai

    Funny stories, but a little gay for my tastes. If you're a gay guy, it might be more funny to you as he tells a lot of stories about guys he's dated. Some were laugh out loud funny though and he's got an unpredictable sarcasm.

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