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Making Work Work

Abridged Audiobook

Written By: Julie Morgenstern

Narrated By: Julie Morgenstern

Publisher: HarperCollins Publishers

Date: September 2005

Duration: 3 hours 56 minutes


Maintaining control in today's hectic workplace is a challenge -- everything is lean, competitive, and uncertain. What does it take to survive? Must you sign away your life in blood? Live in fear of being fired? Quit your job and move to the countryside? Not at all.
Through the mastery of nine essential skills, Morgenstern shows how small changes in your thinking and behavior will help you achieve the seemingly impossible -- boost your value, increase your job security, and afford you the time to still have a life. Morgenstern has helped clients of all levels take control of their work lives in every industry imaginable. This book mirrors the individual consulting services she provides by showing you how to start with yourself and then tackle the more complex external issues of working relationships and the job.
With insight and warmth, Morgenstern gives fresh 'grab-and-go' strategies such as:
Avoid e-mail for the first hour of the day. It's addictive and steals your most productive time.
Trust your truth. Never undervalue your unique self, skills, and point of view.
Beware multitasking. Scattering your efforts makes for a longer day.
'Dance close to the revenue line.' Making and saving money is where your greatest value lies.
'Crunch the container.' Shorten your workday by thirty minutes and you will get more done.Making Work Work transcends industries, job titles, and even economic climates. With the process taught in this book, you will feel less trapped and more in charge -- you'll able to make a bad situation better, restore a formerly good situation, or search for a job that's a better fit for who you are.
With Morgenstern's guidance you can find a way to make work work.


  • -MB

    I loved Morgenstern's book "Organizing from the Inside Out". This CD was a bit disappointing. While the ideas are helpful, her reading style is very sing-song, and gets annoying very quickly. It is not nearly as good as her other book on CD, "Time Management from the Inside Out". Maybe it is better in print.

  • Anonymous

    Some useful tips here, especially toward the end. Some are common sense. Really need to take notes to get the value out of her advice--not practical when you are listening on a long commute!

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by Julie Morgenstern

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