Unabridged Audiobook

Written By: David Robinson Simon

Narrated By: Christopher Lane

Publisher: Brilliance Audio

Date: August 2014

Duration: 9 hours 2 minutes


Americans eat a lot of meat. In fact, our meat consumption has nearly doubled over the last century. Why? In large part because it’s cheaper than ever. But why is it so cheap and what are the consequences of our meat habit? These are the questions underlying this thoroughly researched audiobook. “Meatonomics will grab you and not let you go. [It is] a book that liberates as it illuminates.” —Will Tuttle, PhD, author of The World Peace Diet David Robinson Simon, an attorney and prominent advocate for sustainable consumption, looks at how the animal foods industry has rigged the game with artificially low prices. And the tremendous price we pay—to our health, the environment, the welfare of animals, and elsewhere—for all this meat. By peeling away all the layers of the onion, Simon calculates that these hidden costs are offloaded onto society to the tune of $414 billion every year. Were you to pay the true cost, a fast-food hamburger would set you back about $11 and a carton of organic eggs $13. And you might look to more affordable, plant-based sources for good food. Simon proposes new food policies as well as better personal choices, illustrating amply that every time you say no to the animal foods industry, you are choosing: • a lighter ecological footprint • healthier communities and happier animals • a slimmer waistline • and more money in your pocket. “If you eat meat, you owe it to your body and your planet to read this book.” —Rory Freedman, co-author of the Skinny Bitch books


  • Joseph Basralian

    This is a lively, well-written and inspiring book by an author who clearly brings us his knowledge after reviewing hundreds of journal articles on the economics of the meat industry. Taxpayers prop-up this industry with billions of dollars of payments to help it advertise, often very misleadingly. This has helped cause Americans to eat about THREE TIMES the amount of meat as other countries, with such over-consumption bringing us higher rates deadly heart disease, obesity and cancer. At the same time, the U.S. has removed cruelty-to-animals limitations on farm animals, resulting in very troubling treatment of billions of animals that are part of our factory farming system. If animal welfare does not concern you, there is an excellent, cogent chapter on the costs to our land and water of cultivating so many animals. I did not fast-forward any of this right-sized nine-hour audio book. Kudos to the author and reader. Highly recommended!


by David Robinson Simon

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Meatonomics, David Robinson Simon
Meatonomics, David Robinson Simon
This title is due for release on August 26, 2014.

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Meatonomics, David Robinson Simon
This title is due for release on August 26, 2014
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Meatonomics, David Robinson Simon
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Meatonomics, David Robinson Simon

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