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Release Date
July 2001
5 hours 45 minutes
The Mafia. La Cosa Nostra. The underground, and often not-so-underground, organization and syndicate of criminal activity that has been a part of American history for the past century. Hear the true stories of the inner workings of this chaotic, violent, and surprisingly human world -- a world of respect, tradition, and honor.
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The description could be a little better. This book is segmented into sections with excerpts from magazine articles and other books. There are sections from "Donnie Brasco" (Which if you have heard the real Donnie Brasco read his own book it's nice to have a professional communicator read it.). There's "Underboss" from Sammy Gravano, and there's an unverified account of a hitman "Joey" from Life magazine I believe. There's a segment on Greg Scarpa and his being an informant and a possible conflict of interest by his minders. A skit about the mob hiring an Ad agency and a dark tale of a kidnapping. I've owned this title for years and go back from time to time and re listen. The narration is done in character and the book sections and the Joey article are good, the ad agency skit is kind of amusing but is not my favorite part. It's not a bad listen if you like mob books.

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