Oliver Twist

Unabridged Audiobook

Written By: Charles Dickens

Narrated By: Nadia May

Publisher: Blackstone Audiobooks

Date: January 2006

Duration: 15 hours 49 minutes


With the publication of this fiercely comic second novel, Charles Dickens's eminent literary reputation was firmly established. Oliver Twist is the story of a workhouse orphan captured and thrust into a den of thieves, where some of Dickens's most infernal villains preside: the Artful Dodger, Bill Sikes, and Fagin. Yet the unsullied goodness of the orphan Oliver presents allegorically Dickens's belief in "the principle of Good surviving in every adverse circumstance and triumphing at last."


  • ArtistInResidence

    I have 3 time the work to do, that I can ever finish, freelance artist, Rural acreage and animals to care for, website and internet sales, chief cook & bottle washer!...SO...audio books keep me going, when I want to quit. This book and all of Dickens...never get old! Sure you sort of know the story, but the brilliant reader and the Authors' remarkable character development, takes you there!...and the you just forget that you're mowing, or scrubbing the floor! This is a wonderful book.

  • clayhands

    I thoroughly enjoyed this reading by Nadia May. She is able to capture each character implicitly and with distinction. Oliver Twist did, at times, leave me feeling heavy in heart. It's a wonderful classic that is insightful, tragic, and hopeful.

  • Anonymous

    I had forgotten why I love Dickens so much. His description of the life of the poor in England of his time is priceless. Like other great writers, he can make you laugh out loud while discussing tragic events. Definitely recommended.

  • wlh2040

    This was not one of Dickens' best works, I am afraid. It was good, but it was no Nicholas Nickleby.

  • Anonymous

    Dickens is simply a great writer, and this is one of his best. As always, his characters are fiercely good or bad, some might say two dimensional. But as you read it (listen), you realize the story is simply a backdrop to his ideas of right and wrong. Someone once wrote, all great novels are philosophy barely disguised. Oliver Twist is no exception. One can read it on the surface as a story with lots of action and plot twists, or dig deeper and find the human tragedy facing us all. The reader is very good, and as transparent as possible. I gave it 4.5 rather than 5 stars, just because the story is showing its age. The stereotypical Jew represented by Fagin is only missing his horns.

  • Michael Scott

    Yeah, I know - everyone is made to read this in school, right? Well, for some odd reason, I've never had the opportunity to read this book. Nor, oddly enough, have I ever seen a production of it in theatre, film, or television. So uniquely, this was my first opportunity to finally meet little Oliver Twist, and glad I was to have this chance. I was thoroughly entranced by this story, and its production, and literally hated to leave the car when I was finished with my commute to / from work. While I found Fagin's laugh a bit grating, the rest of the narration was outstanding, and I truly adored the story itself. I knew there was a reason why I liked Dickens... What a marvelous distraction from my daily commute!

  • Anonymous

    I loved this one. The reading was great and it was a wonderful story. It was super to finally get the full story that you can't get in the movies. I know as a teen required to read this book it didn't intrest me much, but as an adult it was well worth the time. I may even rent this again.

  • Anonymous

    The woman who reads this does an excellent job using different voices for the characters.

  • Anonymous

    I only got through the first CD of this book. The narrator speaks entirely too fast to understand what she is saying. The book was written in the 1830's and the language is somewhat hard to understand. That being said, I believe it would have been enjoyable if the narrator slowed down her speach. I sent this book back without finishing it!!!

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