One Step Ahead

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
September 2019
7 hours 27 minutes
An embittered and disillusioned policeman takes revenge on society in this riveting serial killer thriller.

Retired from the force, Detective Superintendent Jeffrey Brandt goes native. He stabs a woman but holds back from killing her. Frustrated that no one takes any notice, he ups his game. Next time, he'll kill.

Brandt fully knows how the police work. He'll use this knowledge to win a sick game; after all, he's chosen the rules.

The crime scenes are spotless, Brandt's covered his tracks. There is no forensic evidence. Yet each killing has his unmistakable print.

Faced with the challenge of discovering his identity is DCI Stella Johnson. Quick-witted and uncompromising, she rises to Brandt's macabre challenge. But if she finds the killer, what will she do given that he is always one step ahead?

Who will win this mortal battle of wits between hunter and hunted?
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Debra M.

This book definitely kept my interest. The narrator could have done a better job of bringing the characters to life. I do think that the ending is a little abrupt - anticlimactic. Overall, I enjoyed it.

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I found the story line interesting, narration okay - a nice read

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Jaclyn Q.

This was, quite literally one of the worst books I’ve read. Boring story, boring narrator and confusing with the characters. Don’t bother

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Scott L.

The London local made it a little more interesting but the ending was abrupt and underwelming.

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A good effort. Very short chapters and narrator was a little cardboardy and slow

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