Paladin of Souls

Unabridged Audiobook

Written By: Lois McMaster Bujold

Narrated By: Kate Reading

Publisher: Blackstone Audiobooks

Date: June 2005

Duration: 16 hours 20 minutes


Three years have passed since the widowed dowager Royina Ista found release from the curse of madness that kept her imprisoned in her family's castle of Valenda. Yet her newfound freedom is bittersweet, and so the road-escape-beckons. As Ista and her little party of pilgrims wander at will, they are unexpectedly set upon, but a mysterious ally appears, a warrior nobleman who fights like a berserker. The temporary safety of her enigmatic champion's castle cannot ease Ista's mounting dread, however, when she finds his dark secrets are entangled with hers in a net of the gods' own weaving. What the inscrutable gods commanded of her in the past brought her land to the brink of devastation. Now, once again, they have chosen Ista as their instrument. And again, for good or for ill, she must comply.

This sequel to The Curse of Chalion "rich in sumptuous detail and speculative theology....teems with equal parts of unearthly magic and down-to-earth quasi-medieval lore....This engaging installment of Chalion's mythical history whets the appetite for new marvels yet to come." -Publishers Weekly


  • Mark Pope

    You know that warm, satisfied, cheshire cat I know something you don't know feeling you get when you find an author worth following? Lois McMaster Bujold is one of those authors. This is the second book in a series though there is very little overlap in characters between the two so starting here would work. The characters are finely drawn with plausible details that make them all the more human. The focus remains on the characters with the author using the sword & sorcery genre as a jumping off point rather than a focus, though there is enough action to please.

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  • Anonymous

    Louis McMaster Bujold makes this fantasy story come alive with masterful writing and storytelling. The sentences in and of themselves are little gems. The integrated style of character and place names makes the world come to life. Best of all, the main character is a middle-aged woman whose life experience and losses are a realistic. This is fantasy writing at its very best.

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