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Passing Through Water

Unabridged Audiobook

Written By: Catrina J. Sparkman

Narrated By: Will Lewis

Publisher: Authors Republic

Date: June 2016

Duration: 5 hours 16 minutes


Houston Rocket's star player, Bad Boy Joshua Keys, and wife Bella Keys have weathered quite a few storms. Her childhood trauma and poor choices resulting from it. His fake paternity suits, fights on and off the basketball court, fights that always somehow seemed to center around Bella. Then there were the legal fees, the payouts, and the groupies. They made it through all of that. But when Bella brings home a child by another man, even one that Joshua truly adores, this couple can't seem to overcome that.

When Bella believes that the love Joshua once had for her is now transferred to her son, she takes the five-year old boy and flees to the last place on earth Joshua would ever think to find them. It's been five years since his wife left him and everything has changed. Joshua is retired from pro ball now and he doesn't go by the moniker, 'Bad Boy' anymore. Joshua Keys has found God, and media hounds across the city of Houston are scratching their heads at Bad Boy’s transformation.

When Joshua receives a series of prophetic dreams alerting him to his family's whereabouts, he thinks this is about Bella that she has returned to her old destructive habits. But a devastating tropical storm is brewing off the Gulf of Mexico. Hurricane Katrina is coming, and this storm is sure to be a killer. Can Joshua find his family in time? Even if he does find them, can a man, even one that has been forgiven as much as Joshua has been, possibly find it in his heart to forgive again?


Passing Through Water

by Catrina J. Sparkman

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Passing Through Water, Catrina J. Sparkman