The Passion of Artemisia

Unabridged Audiobook

Written By: Susan Vreeland

Narrated By: Gigi Bermingham

Publisher: HighBridge Company

Date: November 2001

Duration: 9 hours 31 minutes


After Artemisia Gentileschi, a promising young painter, is raped by her instructor, a papal court orders her torture and her father betrays her. Shamed but not vanquished, she asks her harsh parent to arrange her marriage to another painter and, thus vindicated in the eyes of society and the church, she begins a new life. But not a happy one.

Artemisia's visceral passion to create art-specifically, to depict on canvas the kind of strong heroine she herself has become-threatens to overwhelm her roles as wife and daughter. Her struggle to reconcile her conflicting passions lies at the heart of Artemisia's story, ingeniously crafted by Susan Vreeland, whose gift of language is matched by her uncanny ability to evoke a distant time and place.

Vreeland's previous novel, the best-selling Girl in Hyacinth Blue, dazzled the critics and was voted a Book Sense Book of the Year finalist. Once again bringing the visual arts to vivid life, The Passion of Artemisia is a glowing, subtly delineated portrait of a remarkable woman, the first to make a significant contribution to art history.


  • vivian tas

    The story depicted so much of the art history in the 1500's, touching famous characters as if we are watching a movie of that era. Educational, and morally very deep and allegoric about married women undergoing emotions towards parents, spouse and children. Great story, unique and different. I just wasn't sure about the opening sections but I see how the author wanted to make a point of the event affecting the main character throughout her life. I always like when the narrator repeats the title and author of the book in the different sections of the audio. By the time I finish listening to the book, the title and author is imprinted in my memory, which I like. With this audio, I'm not sure if I heard the title and author enough to leave me with that impression. It was perhaps only mentioned once at the beginning and once at the end? I'm not sure if this is the narrator's function or the audio production's role. Anyway, just wanted to give a feedback on it. I also wasn't sure whether the accent in the book was for Italians or French. I sensed it was more French when I would have enjoyed more of an Italian one to match the story setting. Otherwise, it was okay, clear and enjoyable.

Passion of Artemisia

by Susan Vreeland

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Passion of Artemisia, Susan Vreeland