Perdition: A Scottish murder mystery with a shocking twist: Detective Inspector Munro murder mysteries Book 7

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
April 2020
6 hours 26 minutes
If you enjoy Scandinavian-style noir, police procedurals and stories with a sucker punch of a twist, PERDITION is for you.

An employee of an investment bank is found dead in his car by a freshwater loch in Ayrshire, Scotland, but there are few signs of foul play. Newly promoted and in charge of the investigation, DI Charlie West wants to probe further. And when the victim's links to a minor crime involving an assault on an associate come to light, a suspicious motive begins to emerge. DI West must explore shady financial dealings in the up-market parts of Glasgow, and connections to illicit drugs to track the killer in what is now being treated as a murder investigation. She is relieved that her mentor, Detective James Munro, once more steps out of his not-so tranquil retirement to lend a hand.
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