Planet Simpson

Abridged Audiobook

Written By: Chris Turner

Narrated By: Oliver Wyman

Publisher: HighBridge Company

Date: October 2004

Duration: 11 hours 52 minutes


Planet Simpson is the first book to bring in-depth analysis to that most important pop-cultural institution of the last decade-Fox TV's "The Simpsons"-and use the show as a microcosm of the Western culture it has hilariously (and mercilessly) reflected and influenced. In an age of unprecedented transformation, "The Simpsons" alone has had the depth, intelligence, scope, and, most importantly, humor to chart the links between popular culture and the world we live in. Planet Simpson is broken down into scathingly funny chapters analyzing each major character's relationship to different facets of the American character: Homer Simpson, the ultimate everyman of the American century; Lisa Simpson, the voice of the show's social conscience; Bart Simpson, punk icon; Marge Simpson, maternal voice of moral authority and anchor of Simpsons family values; C. Montgomery Burns, unchecked capitalism personified...and every bit character on down from Barney to Smithers to Krusty the Clown, coupled with intelligent, friendly, and entertaining analysis of the show's greater themes. Going well beyond a critical discussion of a single television program, Planet Simpson will use "The Simpsons" as a window on the culture at large to deliver first-hand reportage of the Internet boom, the alternative-rock explosion, the triumph of irony, the cultural origins of anti-globalization, and other defining events and trends of our accelerated, confounding era.


  • Anonymous

    I think you have to be a real fan to appreciate this book. Even so, it is repetitive and leaves unanswered questions.

  • Larry Longtin

    Terrible. Reads like a fan club letter. The author makes grotesque exaggerations about their impact on Western Civilizations, with little substantiation. I'm a big Simpsons lover, but it left me wanting something substantial.

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by Chris Turner

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