The Politically Incorrect Guide to the British Empire: The Politically Incorrect Guide Series

Unabridged Audiobook

Written By: H.W.Crocker III

Narrated By: Ray Porter

Publisher: Blackstone Audiobooks

Date: October 2011

Duration: 11 hours 11 minutes


Nothing offends liberals more than Western imperialism'it is racism, sexism, and chauvinism all in one. And of course the epitome of Western imperialism is the British Empire, the biggest empire the world has ever known, covering at its height a quarter of the globe's surface and ruling a quarter of the world's population. Here, bestselling author H. W. Crocker III exposes'in brawling, rambunctious style'how the British Empire was actually one of the greatest establishers and defenders of freedom in history.

So strap on your pith helmet for a rollicking ride through some of history's most colorful events. The Politically Incorrect Guide to the British Empire provides a panoramic and provocative view of four hundred years of history that will delight and amuse, educate and entertain.

'As someone who grew up in India, I often hear people ask, 'What have the British done for us?' Until I read this book, I didn't have the full answer.''Dinesh D'Souza,'New York Times bestselling author