Powering the Future: How We Will (Eventually) Solve the Energy Crisis and Fuel the Civilization of Tomorrow

Unabridged Audiobook

Written By: Robert B. Laughlin

Narrated By: Traber Burns

Publisher: Blackstone Audiobooks

Date: September 2011

Duration: 5 hours 47 minutes


In Powering the Future, Nobel laureate Robert B. Laughlin transports us two centuries into the future, when we've ceased to use carbon from the ground. Boldly, Laughlin predicts no earth-shattering transformations will have taken place. Six generations from now, there will still be soccer moms, shopping malls, and business trips. Firesides will still be snug and warm.

How will we do it? Not by discovering a magic bullet to slay our energy problems but through a slew of fascinating technologies, drawing on wind, water, and fire. Powering the Future is an objective yet optimistic tour through alternative fuel sources, set in a world where we've burned every last drop of petroleum and every last shovelful of coal.

"The value of the book rests in the author's thought-provoking assessment and his relentless faith in the earth…A work of intricate research free of hype, offering serious pros and cons with a sometimes whimsical flourish."—Kirkus Reviews


  • Jonathan Brochu

    I thought this book would be a scientific one. But the author put too much emphasis on money and the economic impact of creating energy. Resources are to look after, not money. Money might not even exist in the future; we are more likely to move to a resource based economy.

  • Philip Hodge

    After listening to what Laughlin had to say, I still don't know how he thinks we will solve the energy crisis or fuel the civilization of tomorrow. He may be a smart guy but I don't think he organized his material well or presented his case well.