Preparing for Top Performance: The Hypnotic Guided Imagery Series

Unabridged Audiobook

Publisher: Gildan Media

Date: May 2016

Duration: 0 hours 37 minutes


Many people have challenges when it comes to working under pressure to give a top performance. This could be a performance regarding your job, sports, public speaking, an exam, an interview, an audition, a contest, completing homework, making the right financial investments, etc. You may feel that your "nerves" have sabotaged you or perhaps you encountered a panic attack or any number of reactions. Whatever is the issue; whatever is the reason for the reactions you have, the answers to overcoming this challenge reside in your subconscious mind.

Even though your subconscious mind is your "Silent and Invisible Partner" intended to advocate for you as a friend would, your subconscious unfortunately can make mistakes in what it programs for you. And unlike a friend, once it has chosen a program it believes will help you, please you and/or protect you, its job is done and it never reviews or re-evaluates the outcome so as to catch those mistakes and change them for you. No, you have to be the one to initiate the reprogramming such as when you are listening to this audio. It uses Reprogramming Hypnosis (a specialty hypnosis system created by this author) to program your top performance and to delete any "Faulty Subconscious Programs" that might interfere with your top performances. In order to accomplish the hypnotic reprogramming, you need to be in hypnosis, that relaxed, altered state of mind that allows the "Suggestible Subconscious" part of your subconscious, to accept your directions and accomplish your goals. Actually, there is a skill and strategy for choosing the most effective wording and a strategy for placement of motivating words that are formulated into Reprogramming Hypnosis suggestions. This is what has been done for you in this audio.

Here are some of the audio's positive benefits for you:

-Delete any subconscious programs that stored negative emotions associated with any place and time that you were being judged and felt under pressure and/or felt the need to perform your very best -Program that you thrive, so happy to perform in any situation whether you are judged or not judged -Address your Inner Wisdom within your subconscious for advice for preparation-Practice often using hypnosis and imagine your flawless performance completed with tremendous confidence so it has become your reality already-Your best qualities show through before, during and after your performance; you are totally, comfortably in control-Download positive energies that strengthen your courage and project your charisma for the best response to your performance-Your High Self-esteem has been fortified with many positive suggestions that your subconscious has accepted and activated


Preparing for Top Performance: The Hypnotic Guided Imagery Series

by A.C.H. Glassner Twersky

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Preparing for Top Performance: The Hypnotic Guided Imagery Series, A.C.H. Glassner Twersky