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Psychic for Hire

Psychic for Hire

Written by:
Molly Fitz
Narrated by:
Stephanie Dillard
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Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
May 2021
3 hours 12 minutes
After my last assignment almost killed me, I thought I was done with the Paranormal Temp Agency. Turns out we were just getting started…

The board of paranormal liaisons is down a member, leaving Beech Grove vulnerable to outside magical influence. Worse still, the stray cats who work as our field agents are disappearing from the streets—and they’re not winding up in shelters.

Now my boss, a black cat named Mr. Fluffikins, has ordered me to go undercover as a phony psychic and find out what’s happening to the missing feline agents.

Last week I didn’t even know magic existed; this week it’s up to me to help save it.

Yup, all in a day’s work for this part-time psychic.
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