The Pythons

Unabridged Audiobook

Publisher: Macmillan Audio

Date: October 2003

Duration: 2 hours 31 minutes


For the first time all surviving Pythons have agreed to create the definitive, official, "completely-different-than-anything-done-before" audiobook on the Monty Python's Flying Circus and the 'genius' who created it.


  • Anonymous

    The audio recording was very poor. It was very difficult in understanding many of the audio sequences. The book is very interesting on how the group got together.

  • Anonymous

    Agree with the other comments. One of the two CDs focuses on childhood and boarding school, and the other was only mildly interesting. The production quality was awful (I suspect the interviewer just set up a tape recorder on a desk, and the Python being interviewed tolerated only about an hour's worth of questions.) Take a pass on this one.

  • Anonymous

    I really liked this. It is short, informative, and funny. All the guys describe their experiences, background, and influences.

  • Anonymous

    Trying to listen to this morass of codswallop, I felt like the fellow with the dead bird. I knew it was dead. The world knew it was dead. But the Pythons had put out the thing anyway. It is, in a word, "unlistenable." And not just because it sounds as if it were recorded in an outhouse, using the tape player in a Barbie Doll. The Pythons do very little to make their story come to life. They sound inconvenienced. They offer neither wit nor wisdom. The result is a painful disappointment -- two hours or so, down the crapper.

  • Anonymous

    Yes, the quality of the recording was poor but I still managed to listed to and enjoy the entire CD. This is for a true Python fan - not for a casual listener. It was interesting to hear how each of them ended up as a Python.

  • Kent Markus

    The sound quality was abysmal -- extremely hard to hear many, many sections. Content was better when discernable, but even then the piecing together of interview snipets was only successful in telling the story part of the time. Discussion of the derivation of certain famous sketches was the best and most interesting part, but it really seemed as though the producers of this audio disaster determined that they would never be able create the work intended and rather than giving up, decided to live with something that was down right annoying to listen to. Python fans beware -- this work will frustrate and disappoint you.

  • Terry Brownlee

    It is different because you find out how each of the Python players began, and how they got together. Very funny and very interesting. Lots of good insight how it all began.

  • Michael Taylor

    It was nice to hear some of the real Python history. Unfortunately, some of the sound was very poor, taken from a collection of interviews where the sound was low, telephones were ringing in the background & I believe I also heard trucks (Lorries) passing by during the conversations. I found myself constantly lowering & raising the volume during the presentation. Also, an unfortunate turn is that it seems the author/ presentor fancies himself a member of the troupe. I feel he should have held back & let the other genius flow, instead of trying to be funny himself. The author attempts to present a comical feel of his own that doesn't quite work. Lastly, if you're going to start a classic clip...let it finish. Nothing can drive you more crazy than hearing the first 20 seconds of "Always look on the bright side of life" with out it continuing through to the end. Good for a history lesson, but only for die-hard fans. You're better off catching a Monty marathon on BBC America.

  • Anonymous

    I was really looking forward to this title, but it was practically unlistenable due to unprofessional recording. And the content itself wasn't valuable, certainly not funny like I expect most Python stuff to be, whether its biographical or not. Good if you're willing to put up with annoying sound to get the history of how they met each other.


by Graham Chapman, Michael Palin, John Cleese

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