Rancour: A gripping murder mystery set on the west coast of Scotland: Detective Inspector Munro murder mysteries Book 8

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
June 2020
6 hours 12 minutes
RANCOUR is the eighth Scottish murder mystery to feature detectives James Munro and Charlie West.

The conditions were terrible for a hike up Goat Fell, so why did a group of schoolgirls attempt it? One of the girls presses on when the others turn back; inappropriately dressed and unprepared, she meets her death. After mountain rescue retrieve the body, various questions start to be raised. Inconsistencies in her companions' accounts of events are exposed, and it turns out the victim may have been drugged. The police investigation begins to centre on a suave, enigmatic Italian man who has made his home on the mainland. Having conquered more than a few hearts, his past record troubles detective Charlie West. When the body of another young woman is found, police move quickly. But have they got the right guy?
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