Rebellious Hood

Rebellious Hood

Written by:
Kendrai Meeks
Narrated by:
Erin Parker , Tim Paige , Sara Morsey
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Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
May 2021
8 hours 6 minutes
I came to the Black Forest seeking refuge. I will leave seeking revenge.The more I learn about what I really I am, the less I understand who I’m meant to be. Hood? Werewolf? Something else altogether? Figuring that out will have to wait. The fate of the slayers has been forced into my hands, and for their sake and mine, I need to hand them off to someone else ASAP. Where else could I go but to the hoods?

Convincing the Council of Matrons to offer asylum makes escaping from Istanbul and Vlad Tepeş’s harem look like pup’s play. Between court politics and the revelation of my family’s darkest secrets, I fight to save the ones I love and keep a supernatural race from going extinct. If I can keep from dying in the process, that would just be peachy too.

But when presented with an impossible choice, who will I rescue and who will I condemn to die?

The penultimate installment in the Red Hood Chronicles Pentalogy, Rebellious Hood pits vampires, hoods, wolves, and slayers on the edge of a battle the likes of which the supernatural world has never seen.
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