Written by:
Ken Grimwood
Narrated by:
William Dufris

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
November 2008
11 hours 30 minutes
A time-travel classic in the tradition of Jack Finney's Time and Again, Ken Grimwood's acclaimed novel Replay asks the provocative question: 'What if you could live your life over again, knowing the mistakes you'd made before?'

Forty-three-year-old Jeff Winston gets several chances to do just that. Trapped in a tepid marriage and a dead-end job, he dies in 1988 and wakes up to find himself in 1963, at the age of eighteen, staring at his dorm room walls at Emory University. It's all the same...but different: Jeff knows what the future holds. He knows who will win every World Series...every Kentucky Derby...even how to win on Wall Street. The one thing he doesn't know is: Why has he been chosen to replay his life? And how many times must he win-and lose-everything he loves?

Winner of the 1988 World Fantasy Award for best novel and published in eleven languages, Replay unravels the answers in a masterful skein that captivates our imagination.
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Great book! The narrator did a great job of jumping his voice from character to character.

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Kamil ?.

A really decent read. the narrator did a great job.

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Alyssa P.

Enjoyed this read. Narrator did well. I’d say it was worth it.

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Jess A.

I keep changing my mind about this book. It was entertaining but it got a bit old as the same thing happens over and over again throughout the book. There just wasn’t a whole lot to it. I liked the narrator, sometimes it seems like one person narrates every book. They all sound like the same guy. It was. Little unnerving when he switched voices but I actually enjoyed it as time went on. To summarize, not a bad book, not a great book. It reminded me of Steven King’s 11-22-63. It was worth a credit.

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Randy L.

This book is an old favorite of mine. Very, very good time travel story. You do have to be a little older to truly appreciate all the historical “popular” references because this was written in the late 80s. Narrator did a great job.

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Julie S.

This was one of my favorite books ever! The story is so unique and interesting and the characters are well developed. At no time during it was I bored and it just unfolds so naturally. I’ve never listened to a book about time travel before, but now I’m going to seek some out, although it’s hard to imagine they will be as good as this. Loved it.

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Rusty Burson

Too long. Awful language. Author seems obsessed with describing sex. I wish I had not wasted my reward points on this one.

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Joyce C.

It was hard to listen to a man narrator trying to change his voice as a woman or child. I don’t think I will use audio books again. I love the story though.

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Wayne Henderson

Great time travel adventure, filled with romance, loss, and conspiracy.

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