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Rookie Reefer Bandidos: Fifty Pounds from Mexico to Massachusetts

Rookie Reefer Bandidos: Fifty Pounds from Mexico to Massachusetts

Written by:
Finn Briscoe
Narrated by:
Michael Mcsweeney
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Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
January 2021
0 hours 23 minutes
Finn spins a captivating memoir story about two college freshmen who have a hare-brained drug smuggling scheme. It's the spring of 1970 and hippy culture is in full bloom. After a road trip down Route 66 to Arizona in a '55 Chevy, their plan is to import at least fifty pounds of marijuana from Mexico to Massachusetts over spring break. If they make it, the pot-smoking hippies could each make a cool couple of grand. Plan B is prison. If Mark Twain were a baby boomer coming of age during the Vietnam War, maybe he'd have written about the adventures of Finn Briscoe. But since the great Missouri scribe is long gone, Finn himself is doing his best to carry on the literary tradition of his native state. Buckle up, you're in for a wild ride. With Nixon invading Cambodia and campuses all over the country going out on strike, two eighteen-year-olds and their sixteen-year-old sidekick are risking their freedom in Mexico and Arizona for fifty pounds of reefer madness.
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Very engaging.

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Easy listening story enjoyer it

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John N.

good listen when bored and just sitting around

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