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Same Soul, Many Bodies

Abridged Audiobook

Written By: Brian L. Weiss

Narrated By: Brian L. Weiss

Publisher: Simon & Schuster

Date: November 2004

Duration: 4 hours 35 minutes


Noted psychiatrist Brian Weiss made headlines with his pioneering research on the healing power of past-life therapy in his million-copy bestseller, Many Lives, Many Masters. Now, in his astounding and groundbreaking new book, Dr. Weiss reveals how our future lives can actually transform us in the present.
We all have lived past lives. We all will live future ones. What we do in this life will influence our lives to come as we evolve toward immortality. Dr. Weiss encourages this important recognition because recently he has not only regressed his patients into the past, but has progressed them into the future. And what they have discovered is that our futures are variable, so the choices we make now will determine the quality of life when we return. Using dozens of case histories, Dr. Weiss demonstrates the therapeutic benefits of progression, just as he has proved that journeys into our past lives can alleviate or cure our physical and emotional wounds in the present.
Among the many patients who have benefited from the therapies are:

* Samantha, who overcame failures at school when she revisited her life as a Greek architect and later saw her future life as a great physician.
* Hugh, a psychic, tortured in the Middle Ages as a heretic, whose journey to the future brought him peace.
* Gary, whose glimpses into the future evaporated his depression and thoughts of suicide.
* Christina, whose past life and future memories enabled her to heal her relationship with her father and to finally find professional success and personal happiness.
* Evelyn, who, after reliving a past life as a Nazi officer and a future life as a teenage Arab girl, was able to release her fears and prejudices.
* Paul, whose love of Alison transcended past and future, transforming his current life and helping Alison to overcome a dangerous disease.


  • Sarah Bandy

    The book was just a lot of what Dr. Weiss has written about in the past. If you read his first book, Many lives Many Masters well this is just a repeat although not as well written as that one. I would rent his others before this book and I wouldn't start here if this is your first book.

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  • Northern Girl

    I'm never disappointed in Dr. Weiss's books. This one is about the possibility of visiting future lives rather than past lives.. Fascinating as always.

    1 of 1 people found this review helpful.

  • Autumn Young

    I have again been very impressed. I am stunned by his ability to relate this sensative information. I have shared his insight with several people who have now bought one or more things by Dr. Weiss. This, and "Many Lives Many Masters" truly changed my life for the better. I really feel I have more control in my life. Thank You

    1 of 1 people found this review helpful.