The Sayings of Confucius

Unabridged Audiobook

Written By: Confucius

Narrated By: Group

Publisher: Authors Republic

Date: June 2017

Duration: 3 hours 4 minutes


The timeless wisdom of Confucius is vividly presented in this classic edition of the Chinese philosopher's sayings and quotations.

This collection of the thoughts and sayings of one of the greatest Chinese philosophers and teachers of all times is an excellent, educative and thought-provoking reading for those who are looking for a new perspective on life. Though the author is believed to have been born in the 6th century BC, his ideas about life, morality and politics are just as valid and pertinent today as they used to be at the time when they were written, being just as meaningful for modern readers as they were for the contemporaries of Confucius.

The values emphasized in the book are morality at a personal level just as much as at the level of the government, sincerity, justice and correctness. The system of philosophy developed by the followers and disciples of Confucius based on the Master's sayings and writings had a huge impact not only in Asia, influencing Chinese, Japanese and Korean political thinking, but it also reached Europe through travelling Jesuits and had a similarly important influence.


Sayings of Confucius

by Confucius

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