A Sense of Belonging: How to find your place in a fractured world

A Sense of Belonging: How to find your place in a fractured world

Written by:
Dr Holan Liang
Narrated by:
Nicolette Chin

Unabridged Audiobook

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Release Date
February 2022
7 hours 9 minutes
A sense of belonging - being liked, understood, accepted for who you are - is vital for our mental health. Whether it is fitting in at school, struggling to connect with colleagues in a new job, or just feeling out of place in your own family, we all, at various stages in our lives, find ourselves questioning our identity.

For Dr Holan Liang, one of the UK's foremost psychiatrists, this crisis of identity cuts right to the heart of the modern epidemic of anxiety and depression.

In this ground-breaking book, she draws on her own experience as an immigrant to the UK, and on 20 years of caring for patients suffering from a range of mental health conditions, from eating disorders to OCD, to explore a radical new perspective on mental health.

Warm, wise and full of humanity, A Sense of Belonging will help you to: understand the causes of loneliness, reprioritise the people and things that matter, stop people-pleasing, and learn how to accept yourself in order to find genuine connection.
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