Serpentus Saragossii

Serpentus Saragossii

Written by:
John Isaac Jones
Narrated by:
Tom Zainea
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Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
January 2018
0 hours 41 minutes
Poor little Wilton! He was dying of a terrible disease, but his heartless Aunt Hilda refused to allow him any peace. If he tried to make his favorite ham and cheddar sandwich, she chided him endlessly for using too much mayonnaise. If he walked across the living room, she demanded that he walk about the edge of the cloth rug because she wanted to keep it clean. If he dropped one speck of melted butter on the tablecloth while eating his warm biscuit with wild cherry marmalade, she chased him away from the table. Upon discovering his secret pet turtle, she killed it by throwing it against a tree. Then, one day, little Wilton decided to do something about his tormentor.
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Patricia A.

Ok, I admit I love a good revenge story. This is a short story, so it is not possible to really give any details. But, will say it was clever, held my interest and revenge is best served right before jelly toast! Enjoy! Great to listen to, the mood was there, the voice worked, I really enjoyed this little gem!

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