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Setting the Table

Abridged Audiobook

Written By: Danny Meyer

Narrated By: Danny Meyer

Publisher: HarperCollins Publishers

Date: October 2006

Duration: 5 hours 38 minutes


Danny Meyer started Union Square Cafe when he was 27, with a good idea and scant experience. He is now the CEO of one of the world's most dynamic restaurant organizations that includes eleven unique dining establishments—and each is at the top of its game. How has he done it? How has he consistently beaten the odds in one of the toughest trades around?
In this landmark book, Danny shares the lessons he's learned while developing the winning recipe for doing business he calls 'Enlightened Hospitality.' This innovative business philosophy emphasizes putting the power of hospitality to work in a new and counterintuitive way: The first and most important application of hospitality is to the people who work for you, and, in descending order of priority, the guests, the community, suppliers, and investors. This way of setting priorities stands the more traditional business models on their head, but Danny considers it the foundation of every success he, and his restaurants, have had.
Full of behind-the-scenes history on the creation of Danny's most famous restaurants, and the anecdotes, advice and lessons he has accumulated on his long and ecstatic journey to the top of the American restaurant scene, Setting the Table is a treasure trove of innovative insights that are applicable to any business or organization.


  • Anonymous

    All ideas and philosophies are taken from other leaders and books. Just reworded to take credit. He has been funded by a wealthy family in Chicago. His businesses wouldn’t be in business if he wasn’t consistently bailed out by that family.

  • Justin D

    This book is very inspiring and informative. I've highlighted many sections for use in cultivating hospitality within my company. I would recommend this book to any customer service based business.