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Book Rating (39)

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The Sherbrooke Twins

Unabridged Audiobook

Written By: Catherine Coulter

Narrated By: Anne Flosnik

Publisher: Brilliance Audio

Date: September 2004

Duration: 10 hours 59 minutes


Dear Reader: The Sherbrooke family saga continues with James and Jason Sherbrooke, identical male twins who look exactly like their beautiful Aunt Melissande, and not at all like their father, the earl, which riles him no end. James, twenty-eight minutes older than his brother, is the heir. He is solid, is James. He's a student of astronomy, rides like a centaur, and, unlike his brother, Jason, enjoys learning the ropes of managing his father's estates. He no longer sows excessive wild oats, as his neighbor, Corrie Tybourne Barrett, a brat he's known since she was three-years-old, looks forward to doing since she turned eighteen. When she nearly shoves him off a cliff, sneering all the while, James hauls off and spanks her. A promising start. Then, unfortunately, the earl, Douglas Sherbrooke, is shot at. This leads to Georges Cadoudal, a Frenchman in the employ of the English war ministry with whom Douglas had dealings with some years before. But Cadoudal died in 1815, fifteen years before. Were there children who might want revenge against Douglas? But the question is why: Georges and Douglas parted friends, at least Douglas believed that they had. Adventures compound; Corrie hurls herself into the thick of things. As for Jason, not quite a half an hour younger, he loves horses, wants to start a stud farm, still sows more oats than a man should be allowed, but finally meets a girl who stops him in his tracks. And then what happens? You will have to listen to the book to find out. I hope you enjoy yourself. The characters are rich, colorful, and a hoot to boot. The mystery will confound you. Do let me know what you think. Write me at P.O. Box 17, Mill Valley, CA., 94942 or email me at Keep an eye on my web site at Catherine Coulter [signature]


  • Anonymous

    The story was ok, the characters were a bit unbelievable. It kept my interest in a long drive home.

  • Anonymous

    This book takes too long to get going. There are many characters and the person presenting/reading the book makes every character sound the same which makes it quite confusing. I couldn't get past the 2nd CD, and stopped "reading" it then.

  • Anonymous

    I found the story to be excellent, engaging and entertaining. The Narrator was a bit irritating as her voice grates on your nerves at times. Overall the story is great! Can't wait for the 2nd part to arrive.

  • Vicky Legaspi

    I loved this book in spite of the narration being over the top sometimes. I would rather the narrator does not try to imitate a male voice. Overall the story is very engaging.

  • Sheila Stubblefield

    This is a great book if you are a fan of Catherine Coulter. After listening to this I have hunted down all that I can find of hers. I am so very glad that they are finally making romance books that are (Uab).. The reader Just pulls you in...

  • Cynthia Coulter

    As with all the Sherbooke novels the story was nicely involving