Surviving an Affair

Unabridged Audiobook


Date: December 2013

Duration: 7 hours 16 minutes


How can a marriage survive an affair?

Infidelity is one of life's most painful experiences for everyone involved--the betrayed spouse, the children, the extended family members, and even the lover and the wayward spouse. Once trust is broken, how can a couple ever hope to reconcile?

In Surviving an Affair, Drs. Harley and Chalmers help you understand every aspect of infidelity--from the beginning of an affair through the restoration of the marriage, including

· why affairs begin and end

· how to end an affair

· how to restore the marriage

· how to manage resentment and rebuild trust

Surviving an Affair guides you step-by-step from the devastating blow of infidelity to a loving and trusting marriage.

If you are a victim of infidelity, you are on the emotional roller coaster ride of your life.

Drs. Harley and Chalmers know what they're talking about. Almost every day they hear from grieving spouses who say, Please help me. I have just discovered that my spouse is having an affair and I don't know what to do.

In Surviving an Affair, they provide answers to those who find themselves caught in this common tragedy. From the moment an affair is first suspected all the way to full marital recovery, they provide a thorough analysis of the problem with step-by-step proven solutions.

Surviving an Affair will do more than help you and your spouse survive the crisis of infidelity--it will show you how to minimize your suffering and emerge from this tragedy with your trust and love for each other restored.


  • Katrina Augostini

    The book has some very relevant information that I found helpful. I took a number of lessons from it and was able to apply that knowledge in my own situation. However, my main "complaint" is the narration and some of the content. It seemed overly simplified or geared toward a very young/simple target market. The tone of the narration was that of a grade school storyteller, in my opinion. Which isn't an issue for some, but I found it distracting. The overall language used was also very simple, which is great for conveying complex ideas while reaching a wider range of audience. But again, I found it distracting, as I prefer straightforward content and even a more scientific or professional dialog in this subject. Overall I did find it a useful resource, if not distracting and slightly annoying to listen to at times.

Surviving an Affair

by Jennifer Harley Chalmers, Willard F. Harley

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Surviving an Affair, Jennifer Harley Chalmers, Willard F. Harley