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Book Rating (86)

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The Teeth of the Tiger

Abridged / Go to Unabridged Audiobook

Written By: Tom Clancy

Narrated By: Stephen Lang

Publisher: Random House (Audio)

Date: August 2003

Duration: 6 hours 0 minutes


A man named Mohammed sits in a café in Vienna, about to propose a deal to a Colombian. Mohammed has a strong network of agents and sympathizers throughout Europe and the Middle East, and the Colombian has an equally strong drug network throughout America. What if they were to form an alliance, to combine all their assets and connections? The potential for profits would be enormous--and the potential for destruction unimaginable.

In a nondescript office building in suburban Maryland, the firm Hendley Associates does a profitable business in stocks, bonds, and international currencies, but its true mission is quite different: to identify and locate terrorist threats, and then deal with them, in whatever manner necessary. Established with the knowledge of President John Patrick Ryan, “the Campus” is always on the lookout for promising new talent, its recruiters scattered throughout the armed forces and government agencies--and three men are about to cross its radar.

The first is Dominic Caruso, a rookie FBI agent, barely a year out of Quantico, whose decisive actions resolve a particularly brutal kidnap/murder case. The second is Caruso’s brother, Brian, a Marine captain just back from his first combat action in Afghanistan, and already a man to watch. And the third is their cousin . . . a young man named Jack Ryan, Jr.

Jack was raised on intrigue. As his father moved through the ranks of the CIA and then into the White House, Jack received a life course in the world and the way it operates from agents, statesmen, analysts, Secret Service men, and black ops specialists such as John Clark and Ding Chavez. He wants to put it all to work now, but when he knocks on the front door of “the Campus,” he finds that nothing has prepared him for what he is about to encounter. For it is indeed a different world out there, and in here . . . and it is about to become far more dangerous.


  • Timothy C.

    It was, as someone else said, a bridge from the old to the new. The new direction requires you to suspend reality a little too much of my taste.

  • Joseph Leach

    A bit of a disappointment coming off Tom Clancy's "The Bear and The Dragon", but I think this was more meant to be a bridge-book to a post 9/11 era. Just don't let me down again Tommy C!

  • Jean

    This is a fast paced action filled story which is the trademark of Tom Clancy. This book has Jack Ryan Jr following in his fathers' foot steps.

  • Mike in Georgia

    I'm a long-time Clancy fan, and I read this book a few months ago. I kept picking it up thinking "It has to get better" but it never did. It was tedious and dull, painfully unbelievable, and the writing felt rushed and incomplete. I finally finished the book and sat there wondering two things: 1) why did I waste my time finishing it? and 2) where is the Tom Clancy of his glory days of writing?

  • Benny Castro

    Wow! Fast paced and a thriller from the beginning. The Caruso brothers are awesome as a team. They have great heroic attitudes. The detail regarding intelligence gathering and missions is remarkable. Happy to see the U S A is proactive. Love the descreptive scenes..felt like I was there!

  • Anonymous

    I do not usually listen to abridged stories but this one worked. It was a little confusing at times as to who was speaking, but I found it pulled me back to listen to more.

  • Michael Scott

    I was bound and determined not to like this book, because I love Clancy's normal characters so much. No Jack Ryan Sr., no Ed & Pat, no John Clark. However, I enjoyed myself listening to this book, despite myself. I was annoyed, yet again, by the fact that it was abridged (abridged books should be banned). If Tom is truly passing the torch from Jack Ryan Sr, to his son and nephews.... this was a very good start.

  • Cathi Sanders

    I was really surprised that I could enjoy being read to... but while traveling to and from work and going to lunch each day I couldn't wait to get in my car... this story was so suspenseful and exciting from the time I pushed play.. it kept me wanting to drive more... The suspense was incredible and the characters alive and friends of mine... I will definately stay a member to keep up the imagination in my life... Thanks !!!!

  • Anonymous

    Tom Clancy stories are predicable but they strike the nerve of what we are all thinking.

  • Bonnie

    This was quite a let down. Although I enjoyed Clancy's early books, I haven't read him in quite a while. I kept waiting for the suspense, the action, the intrigue. When I finally reached the end, I was left with a "is that all there is?" feeling. I wouldn't recommend this one. Listen to some of his earlier works - skip this.

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