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Book Rating (28)

Narrator Rating (14)

The Past

Unabridged Audiobook

Written By: Tessa Hadley

Narrated By: Caroline Lennon

Publisher: Dreamscape Media, LLC

Date: January 2016

Duration: 10 hours 36 minutes


Three sisters, a brother, and their children assemble at their country house one last time before it is sold. The house is filled with memories of their shared past yet beneath the idyllic surface, hidden passions, devastating secrets, and dangerous hostilities threaten to consume them. Sophisticated and sleek, Roland's new wife arouses his sister' jealousies. Passion erupts where it's least expected, shattering the quiet self-possession of Harriet, the eldest sister. Over the course of this summer holiday, the family's stories and silences intertwine, small disturbances build into familial crises, and a way of life-bourgeois, literate, ritualized, Anglican—winds down to its inevitable end.


  • Kerri N

    Awful, awful, awful!! I downloaded the t because it was free and sounded wasn't. It was a lot of words about LITERALLY NOTHING. If it wasn't a book my bookclub was reading I would never have finished the thing. Save yourself from hours of listening, and pick another book.

  • Wanda Adkins

    It was a sweet glimpse into the inner workings of their family which probably echoes the fact that all families look different from the inside and outside. Interesting characters but overall it is a good read but not outstanding.

  • Sara Buckner

    I was so bored that I couldn't even finish it all the way

  • Shannon Elder

    This book was a fun read. Not too light, not too dark. If you're in the mood for something entertaining that doesn't have to be "the greatest book" you've ever read- it's a good pick!

  • Robert Boschi

    Dreadfully boring, no wonder this title was offered as a freebie.

  • Andrew Susin

    Took a while to get even slightly interested in the characters. I didn't love them nor hated them. To be honest I felt completely indifferent towards them. They were just self absorbed ordinary people much like Seinfeld characters without the humour.

  • Doug Griffin

    Enjoyed Narrator. Book moves a little slow byut characters are interesting for most part

  • Elaine Myke

    Although I enjoyed listening to the narrator's voice, this book simply didn't hold my interest. I stopped listening about three quarters of the way through out of boredom. Not my type of book.

  • Vitaly P

    Great audiobook I was recommended. Not a typical book I would try but glad I did.