The Seriously Joe Bev Radio Drama Collection

Unabridged Audiobook

Publisher: Blackstone Audiobooks

Date: November 2016

Duration: 5 hours 7 minutes


Titles produced and directed by Joe Bevilacqua include:Seven Letters of Love A woman receives seven letters from a former boyfriend, each one revealing highly diverse aspects of his personality. This unique radio drama was written by William Melillo.Michael & Louise It's Ladies Night at J. August's when past lovers meet, setting off a series of flashbacks that reveal loves found and loves lost. This 'Thirty-Something' style radio drama was written by William Melillo was recording live at J. August's in New Brunswick, New Jersey.The Dying End? In this post-Apocalyptic drama, Ten is unfrozen and guided into an unfamiliar world by caretaker Barnstormer Pfaff. This original radio play was written by Daws Butler (Yogi Bear).The Ad Game Many years before AMC's 'Mad Men' was a hit, Daws Butler (Yogi Bear) wrote 'The Ad Game'. Adam is the top copy writer at his firm when he finds himself in a career crisis that baffles his wife Melissa and his father-in-law Ed, who is his boss... and more...