The Tin Whistle

The Tin Whistle

Written by:
Erik E. Hanberg
Narrated by:
Doug Mackey
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Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
October 2020
6 hours 54 minutes
How do you fight a war when the enemy knows your every thought?

Byron Shaw is in the fight of his life. His family are hostages, orbiting the Earth in a spaceship that could be destroyed any minute. His enemies are preparing for a final assault. And his allies are powerless help him.

So begins the gripping final chapter in The Lattice Trilogy.

With the Lattice restored, the improved network is all the more wonderful and all the more terrible for it. With it, Shaw can give his body over to another to control, clone a 900-year old saint, or dip into a raw feed of the Lattice’s immense knowledge. But should he?

Trapped between his two worst enemies—Taveena Parr and the surviving raiders on one side and Zella Galway and the cartel of corporations on the other—Shaw must blaze his own path if he wants to save his family. The ensuing battle will take the world once more to the brink of global disaster, and in the end, only Shaw will decide the fate of the Lattice.
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