Too Late to Say Goodbye

Abridged / Go to Unabridged Audiobook

Written By: Ann Rule

Narrated By: Karen Ziemba

Publisher: Simon & Schuster

Date: June 2007

Duration: 5 hours 40 minutes


Bart Corbin, the "handsome twin," sailed through dental school, a popular, brilliant student, who always had a pretty girl on his arm. Fourteen years ago, about to graduate in Augusta,Georgia, he was engaged to Dolly Hearn, also a dental student, whose academic achievements outshone even his own, something he couldn't accept. Frightened by his rage, Dolly broke their engagement , only to be stalked and harassed. Her father gave her a gun for protection, but Dolly died in an apparent suicide--a bullet in her brain.

Dr. Bart's career soared, and he married Jenn Barber. Outwardly, they had it all, two little boys, a home in a posh section of an Atlanta suburb. Still, six years later the secrets they hid from each other surfaced. Bart was unfaithful, and Jenn found what she believed to be love on the Internet. But nothing was as it appeared. Jenn Corbin thought that she was writing to a kind sensitive man on the Internet, but she learned near the end of her life that "Chris Hearn" was not a male; Chris was really Anita Hearn, a lesbian woman. Jenn felt utterly betrayed and was horrified--but later continued to write to the person who was not a lover but now had become a friend. Chris-Anita Hearn was not related to Dolly Hearn in any way at all--but Bart thought she was and that Jenn had uncovered the truth in Dolly's death and was about to reveal his guilt.

Jenn moved toward divorce, but in early December, 2004, detectives ruled Jenn's death by a gunshot to the head a suicide. Two beautiful women, bound to Bart Corbin, both dead of a method of suicide extremely rare in females. Detectives on either side of Georgia looked more closely, uncovering shocking physical and circumstantial evidence, and another unexplained death of a female employee of Bart Corbin. Initial pre-trial hearings included the reading of steamy, sexually-charged emails, raising even more questions. Ann Rule has the cooperation of the victims' family members and witnesses yet unnamed. Two trials in 2006 lie ahead, but, for now, Bart Corbin is jailed without bail. He denies any guilt. Seldom in the annals of criminal history has there been a double-murder case with so many secrets, lies, and bizarre side-stories, all pointing to one almost unbelievable conclusion
rIn 1990, Dr. Bart Corbin had shot Dolly Hearn in the head, arranged her body and the gun so that it appeared to be a suicide, and gone on with his life. As an extremely popular dentist in upscale Dacula, Georgia, he carried on an intense affair with a female employee for years before he married Jenn--a marriage hurried by her pregnancy--but he never stopped seeing his mistress. When Jenn told him she was leaving, he crept into his own home in the wee hours of the morning and shot her in the head in a macabre re-play of Dolly's murder, knowing full well that his little boys would be the ones to discover her body. He had his alibi--his twin brother who would swear Bart was with him all evening. But Bart made mistakes; Jenn's spinal cord was severed, and there was no way she could have slipped the gun beneath the covers as she lay mortally wounded, and his cell phone proved to be bouncing off a tower close to his home--and not near the cocktail lounge where he claimed to be. And there is no explanation at all, except for mere chance, that the person Jenn fell in love with in the Internet game was also named "Hearn," Dolly's name. Corbin had panicked for nothing, believing that he was finally about to be investigated for a 14-year-old murder.

Murder "willed out" after all.


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    Ann Rule is the best true crime writer to date. Loved this book!

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