The True Tale of the Monster Billy Dean

The True Tale of the Monster Billy Dean

Written by:
David Almond
Narrated by:
David Almond

Unabridged Audiobook

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Release Date
September 2011
6 hours 55 minutes
I wos a secrit shy and tungtied emptyheded thing.
I wos tort to read and rite and spell by my tenda littl muther & by Mr McCaufrey the butcha & by Missus Malone and her gosts.
So I am not cleva, so please forgiv my folts and my mistayks.

I am the won that glares into your harts & that prowls insyde yor deepist dremes.
Wonce I was The Anjel Childe. Now I am The Monster.

Just lissen and take note. Let the words enter yor blud & boans.
I am Billy Dean. This is the truth. This is my tale.

This is the downloadable audiobook edition of David Almond's striking and original work, The True Tale of the Monster Billy Dean, complete and unabridged and read by the author himself.
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