Under Pressure: Managing Stress and Engagement on the Job

Written by:
Sigal Barsade
Narrated by:
Karen Saltus

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
July 2015
2 hours 0 minutes
A Knowledge@Wharton Essentials

The new perks and policies employers are leveraging to reengage their workforce

Job stress is not new, but as Knowledge@Wharton reports, global competition, downsizing, and the state of being constantly tethered to the office by technology have created disturbing trends among workers, from decreased engagement to lower productivity and lower life satisfaction.

Under Pressure: Managing Stress and Engagement on the Job examines the issues facing employees and the employers for whom they work. Drawn from the best of Knowledge@Wharton's reporting, this audio in the Knowledge@Wharton Essentials series addresses:
What is causing unprecedented levels of stress on the job
Why employee loyalty is a casualty of the new workplace
What perks companies offer and what employees want
How the 40-hour work week is being redefined
The challenge to turn off the switch and take a break from technology
The art of motivating employees
Why fostering a culture of 'companionate love' in the workplace matters
This audio features Knowledge@Wharton's reporting on the research and thought leadership of Iwan Barankay, Sigal Barsade, Matthew Bidwell, Peter Cappelli, Adam Cobb, Stewart Friedman, Adam Grant, Wayne Guay, Carolyn Marvin, Olivia 'Mandy' O'Neill, JP Pawliw-Fry, Nancy Rothbard, Deborah Small, and Hendrie Weisinger, among others.

Under Pressure is a must-hear for those who are experiencing stress on the job due to increased demands at work and at home, as well as employers who wish to understand those who report to them and who are looking for new ways to engage employees.
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