The Vacant Throne

Unabridged Audiobook

Written By: Ed Greenwood

Narrated By: Stuart Langton

Publisher: Blackstone Audiobooks

Date: June 2005

Duration: 14 hours 0 minutes


Once a prosperous and peaceful river valley, Aglirta has fallen into lawlessness, studded with feuding baronies engaged in a constant state of war. But the land is kingless no more for the Sleeping King of legend, King Kelgrael, has been awakened by the efforts of the Band of Four. While inhuman and dark forces lurk behind the scenes, the Band of Four must set out again on an arduous quest for the secret that will allow the kingdom to return to the safety and prosperity of its former glory.


  • Juan Caballero Jr.

    I like the story but the narrator monotone voice just ruined it. He would've been better doing horror, not fantasy.

  • Anonymous

    Wow... I didn't even make it through the third disk of this set... really dull. The story is VERY fragmented, although maybe if you knew the characters fully before you got to this storyline, it may have made a difference, although I doubt it. I forced myself through the story to get as far as I did, but the narrator is insanely monotone and dull, as well. Maybe an interesting accent, but no vocal variety or change ups to keep the story interesting. Unless you need something to help you fall asleep, let this one go by.

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by Ed Greenwood

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Vacant Throne, Ed Greenwood