Vegas Confessions 3

Unabridged Audiobook

Publisher: Random House (Audio)

Date: April 2008

Duration: 1 hours 8 minutes


What happens in Vegas doesn't stay in Vegas anymore—not with Vegas Confessions! Listen to these true stories about wild and crazy happenings in Sin City. The names of the guilty have been changed, but if you want to know what really happens in Vegas, all the sex, gambling, drinking, and extra-curricular activities, then give Vegas Confessions a listen.

Vegas Confessions III:

These sexy stories straight from the strip are the best sure bet when it comes to Vegas. Certain casinos swear they have the loosest slots but we guarantee that our tales come from the loosest lips as confessions spill out like half-priced margaritas. What do you get for the girl who has it all? A string of pearls to decorate her darling neck, of course. Betting on the game is almost as much fun as betting on the player when it's a race to see who comes out on top. Getting into the show isn't necessarily nearly as much fun as getting to be the show. Listen to Vegas Confessions to learn just how far these stories go.

1.Pearl Necklace - It's his anniversary and he's winning big. Just what does it take for a gal to accept her lover's gift?
2.Hardest Trick - The new guy on the show needs a little help maintaining his control. Sometimes you have to give it up to get it back.
3.Revenge - When the cat's away, the mouse will play and generally it's the mouse, with her friendly neighbors, who has all the fun.
4.The Show - It's not always the shows you see in Vegas that leave the lasting impressions. Find out what sort of magic can be made off the stage.
5.Watch This - Sometimes what you should watch most of all is your mouth.
6.A Shoe In - When you don't drink, gamble, or play the game what's left in Vegas? How about a peek-a-boo toe that comes in just your size.
7.Van Ride - The windows come tinted for a reason and the back seat comfortably accommodates three . . . or more.
8.Crack Whore Poker - I'll see your two-bit whore and raise you a high-class call girl. I'll call her myself, now lay it all out there for me to see.