Waiting for Agnes: Inspired by the true story of Coral Castle

Unabridged Audiobook

Written By: Joe Bullard

Narrated By: Joe Bullard

Publisher: CoolBeat Audiobook Publishing

Date: December 2008

Duration: 12 hours 7 minutes


A semi-biographical story of Ed Leedskalnin, the magnetism researcher and single-handed sculptor of the mysterious 'Coral Castle' in Florida. Ed claimed that he knew ""the secret of the Great Pyramid"".

People are amazed how Coral Castle, made from 1,100 tons of massive, jagged coral stone, could be constructed by one lone man, using only crude hand tools. The average weight of the stones used in the construction of Coral Castle are greater than those used in the Great Pyramid of Giza. Additionally, several of the stones used are taller than those found at Stonehenge in England. Even more amazing is that many of the huge stones are sculpted into the form of rocking chairs and doors, balanced to such a precise degree, that even a small child can pivot them.

Ed was interested in observational astronomy, and built entirely from coral, a telescope and a self-correcting sundial. He was also an innovator and magnetism researcher. His magnetism experiments resulted in the invention of an incredibly simple, yet extremely efficient, magnetic current generator, that was able to provide all of his energy needs for free. Listen to the enhanced bizarre story of this most unusual man and his fantastic creations.


Authors Note
13 Chapters