Weight Loss Diet: Lose Weight by Carb Cycling, Clean Eating, and Eliminating Sugar

Weight Loss Diet: Lose Weight by Carb Cycling, Clean Eating, and Eliminating Sugar

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August 2019
6 hours 31 minutes
6 Books about how to lose weight and start different kinds of diets!

Book 1: Negative Calorie Diet - You may be wondering how you can eat a lot of food and lose weight at the same time, but it’s possible. The negative calorie diet allows you to eat full meals and snacks without adding all that undesired weight.

Book 2: No Sugar Diet - One of the best ways to feel more energetic and happier is to remove the addictive substance of sugar from your diet. With this book, you’ll see how you can quit sugar altogether. In this book, you will find the best, delicious recipes to stop the cravings and detox from something that makes people sick in our western society: sugar. With more natural foods in your system, you’ll be able to create substitutes and avoid the worst things for your body.

Book 3: Anti-Inflammatory Diet - Become acquainted with the ins and out of the anti-inflammatory diet. This diet has been popular with many people because of its effectiveness and durability. The renowned practices included in this program are especially designed to prevent inflammation, which has become more and more common with the current eatings habits of the 21st Century.

Book 4: Carb-Cycling - Many people have wondered about the significance of carb cycling. They cut down on their carbohydrates like crazy. And for some, it shows that it works. Others, however, struggle to figure out which way to do it.

Book 5: Clean Eating - With all the complicated or over-simplified diets on the rise, and the increase of diseases related to obesity and nutritional deficits, it can be healthy to go back to the basics.

Book 6: Keto Diet - Welcome to one of the greatest choices you have at any time made in your life. This concise book can open up your eyes to the life of wholesome fats and the real dangers of an excess of carbohydrates, the last of which is a little something most of us suffer from every day.
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